Every year all of our equipment is inspected by the State of Georgia prior to opening the season.  The State also inspects periodically throughout the year.

In addition, our equipment is inspected by the city or town we are operating in prior to opening. 

Our employees (Key Staff) are NAARSO (National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials) certified and complete a daily pre-opening inspection on all rides.


We hold weekly safety meetings to stress to our employees just how important safety is and to refresh and update them on our safety policies.


After setup each week, a full day is used for maintenance and to make sure that the rides are not only performing correctly but are cleaned and polished so they look great too! Before operating each day, all of our rides are given a thorough inspection by the ride foreman and again by the operations manager.   Each ride has its own individual inspection and maintenance sheet that must be followed everyday prior to opening.

In addition to being inspected and maintained by trained personnel, our equipment undergoes various inspection programs involving non-destructive testing methods such as Ultra Sound, Magnaflux Particle and various x-ray testing of hidden components.